Klapes Klubhouse

Adventure awaits on the island of Gutan! Travel with your fellow Klapes and Baby Klapes to Gutan Island to hunt for rare, unique treasure NFTs! Collect Koconut ($KOCO) at Klubhouses around the island for your treasure hunting adventures, but watch out for vicious Klompsters, who will scare your Baby Klapes away from the Koconuts! Protect your Baby Klapes with Klapes in order to ward off Klompster attacks, gather as much $KOCO as you can, and be one of the lucky few to collect exclusive 1 of 1 treasure NFTs!

Klapes Klubhouse is a social cooperation game of calculated risk accessible to any Klape or Baby Klape holder. Players will have to choose carefully on where they want to allocate their NFTs’ time in order to maximize their chances of making $KOCO and finding treasure NFTs. Klompster attacks will change the expected value of each staking pool each day, meaning that players will have to reassess what their best course of action will be each day as well. Players also have the opportunity to work as a collective in order to ensure their NFTs are protected from Klompster attack, meaning it’s in everyone’s best interest to work as a team! Klapes Klubhouse is a way to hang out with other Klape and Baby Klape owners, but it’s also filled with opportunities for treasure, so make the most of your time!

Klapes Klubhouse is released in two Parts.

Part 1: Staking and Emissions

Part 1 will be persistent throughout the entirety of the game’s life, but will be released at an earlier time than Part 2. Mechanics for staking Klape and Baby Klape NFTs will be available and will remain consistent even when Part 2 is released. Klapes and Baby Klapes can be staked at Klubhouses every other day. Baby Klapes staked at a Klubhouse will generate $KOCO that will be split among all NFTs staked at that Klubhouse, while Klapes will contribute towards a protection status that will mitigate Klompster attacks.


There will be 6 Klubhouses available as staking pools, each with 2,500 staking slots, for a total of 15,000 staking slots total, which is equal to the total number of available NFTs to be staked (5,000 Klapes and 10,000 Baby Klapes).

$KOCO generated by all Baby Klapes in a given Klubhouse will be distributed evenly to ALL NFTs staked in that Klubhouse.

A Klubhouse is protected from Klompster attacks when there is at least 1 Klape for every 2 Baby Klapes (the ratio between Klapes:Baby Klapes is at least 1:2). When a Klubhouse is protected, Baby Klape $KOCO generation rate is reduced by 20% when not attacked by Klompsters and reduced by 40% when Klompsters attack.

Klubhouses will alternate staking status every other day between the “Staking Phase” and the “Harvest Phase.” During the “Staking Phase” all NFTs can be staked and unstaked without restrictions for 24 hours as long as there is space in the Klubhouse to stake. No $KOCO is generated during this time. During the “Harvest Phase,” NFTs cannot be unstaked for a period of 24 hours, during which Klompster attacks occur and $KOCO can be generated. At the end of the “Harvest Phase,” $KOCO is distributed evenly to ALL NFTs staked in the Klubhouse and staking opens up again during the “Staking Phase.”

Baby Klapes

Baby Klapes can be staked in Klubhouses to generate 2,400 $KOCO during the “Harvest Phase.”

Generation RatesProtectedUnprotected
Attacked 1,440 $KOCO 0 $KOCO
Not Attacked 1,920 $KOCO 2,400 $KOCO


Klapes can be staked in Klubhouses to contribute towards a protected status for Baby Klapes staked in the Klubhouses. Klapes have no effect until they reach the 1:2 Klape:Baby Klape threshold, after which Baby Klapes produce 20% less $KOCO when not attacked (1,920 $KOCO per “Harvest Phase”), but only 40% less during Klompster attacks instead of the usual 100% reduction.


Klompsters can randomly attack two adjacent Klubhouses each “Harvest Phase” causing all Baby Klapes to generate 0 $KOCO unless they are protected by enough Klapes.

Klompsters cannot attack the same pair of Klubhouses twice in a row.

Treasure Hunting

Part 2 will introduce the primary use for $KOCO: Baby Klapes will now gain the ability to hunt for Treasure NFTs while staked on a Treasure Hunt. A new staking pool will be introduced in the middle of Island of Gutan where Baby Klapes can explore a previously hidden secret temple and search for treasure, but there is a risk of the Baby Klapes being captured by the Klompsters. Captured Baby Klapes can be rescued by Klapes during the next harvest phase after being captured.


Staking for a Treasure Hunt will cost 10,000 $KOCO which will not be refunded if unstaked. During the “Harvest Phase,” instead of generating $KOCO for a Klubhouse, Treasure NFTs will be distributed at the end to all participating treasure hunting NFTs. Similar to the Klubhouses, all NFTs will be unable to be unstaked for the 24 hours duration of the “Harvest Phase.”


For Baby Klapes to claim their treasure, they must be unstaked once the harvest phase ends. While Baby Klapes can remain staked after the “Harvest Phase” ends, they will not receive rewards for subsequent “Harvest Phases” until they are unstaked first; participating NFTs will only receive treasure if they have not received treasure yet since staking. Every Treasure Hunt will award two reward Treasure NFTs to each Baby Klape participating: 1 Item NFT and 1 Art NFT.

  • Item NFTs are one-use items that can modify the $KOCO yield rates and Klompsters attacks in the Klubhouse staking pool. Item NFTs are burned after use.
  • Art NFTs will have various rarity tiers (Common, Rare or Epic Treasure) each of which can be broken down into one of four unique individual parts. Each time a Baby Klape goes on a Treasure Hunt, it gains one entry into a drawing for an exclusive 1-of-1 Treasure NFT when it is (staked/unstaked). At the end of each “season”, the 1-of-1 Treasure NFT will be air dropped as a complete NFT to the wallet of the winning Baby Klape at the time of the Treasure Hunt of the winning entry.

Treasure hunters will most often receive one of four pieces of an Art NFT, which can be combined and exchanged for the completed Art NFT. Occasionally, vouchers for completed Art NFTs will be distributed as their treasure instead of a single piece.

Captured Baby Klapes

There is a 20% chance that an adventuring Baby Klapes will be captured by the Klompsters and taken to Klompster Island. They will be held captive for [3] harvest phases or until rescued by a Klape. During this time, they are unable to unstake, collect treasure or collect Koco. After the 3rd Harvest Phase after being captured, the Baby Klapes may unstake and escape the Klompster Island if not previously rescued by a Klape, but doing so will forfeit any Treasure they have collected.

Rescuing Baby Klapes - Klompster Island

Klapes may set out on a mission to rescue the Baby Klapes captured by the Klompsters. For every two captured Baby Klapes, one Klape may be staked to Klompster Island during the Staking Phase. Staking to Klompster Island does not require $KOCO. Each Klape staked will free the two random Baby Klapes in need of rescue, allowing them to be unstaked and will also receive one Treasure from each of the Babies. The rescued Baby Klapes will get to keep one of their two Treasure rewards from Treasure Hunting. Any Klape can rescue any Baby Klape, regardless of who owns either NFT.